At Henkel, we value the diversity of our workforce

We value the diversity of our workforce, which includes colleagues from around 120 nations. We have a highly international team: 85 percent of Henkel employees work outside of Germany, including more than half of them in emerging markets. Around 35 percent of our management positions are filled by women – a number that has consistently increased over the past decade. In addition, we have a very balanced age distribution.

Our diversity is the result of a transparent global talent management process, a recruitment approach focusing on the highest potentials regardless of diversity criteria, as well as our unique company culture based on strong values.

We constantly aim to further increase our diversity through various initiatives and programs. One is for example focused on employees in emerging markets, where we see big growth potential and the need for strong local teams. That’s why we have established management trainee programs specifically tailored to the needs of our high-potentials in growth regions.

Henkel Workshop

We also want to further increase the high proportion of women in management. Our aim is to attract more female talent, especially in emerging markets, and cultivate the best environment for them to develop and drive their career at Henkel.

We are convinced that diverse teams stimulate innovation, flexibility, and agility. To incorporate diversity and inclusion into our leadership behavior and culture, we offer unique Diversity & Inclusion training courses to our managers. We have a global “Diversity Week” every year, and organize inclusion workshops open to all staff in an effort to reach every employee worldwide.