Creating a culture of inclusion that fosters innovation and creativity and in which everyone can thrive

What did you want to achieve? 

At ASML, we are on a journey of discovery, propelled by our rapid growth. And with rapid growth come challenges. As we look into the future, integrated into our ESG strategy, our aim is to foster an inclusive culture that establishes a safe environment in which employees can flourish. We believe this will be achieved by stimulating an inclusive mindset and addressing stakeholder needs through employee networks and our ESG strategy. We aspire to engage leaders to demonstrate their commitment and accountability by empowering them to “set an example” and create environments that promote inclusion within their individual teams and across ASML. As we look to 2024, our first priority is to ensure an inclusive culture for all employees. For 2024, our focus will be on increasing the inflow of women and under-represented groups as well as increasing the number of women in leadership roles.

What did you do?

In the US, we are working with non-profit and professional organizations and strategically recruiting from universities that have a strong track record of identifying exceptional talent from under-represented backgrounds. We have also implemented mentoring and coaching programs. To foster diversity in the interview process we have implemented inclusive interview panels.

In the Netherlands, ASML is actively engaged in education initiatives that foster inclusion, with a specific focus on encouraging women to join the semi-conductor industry. Furthermore, we have increased our participation in ‘Women in Tech’ programs. We are also launching a series of other initiatives designed to increase the recruitment of women, support their progression into leadership positions and strengthen ASML as a preferred employer for under-represented groups.

What are the results so far?

According to our worldwide employee surveys, we have achieved an inclusion score of 82% and are on track to meet our targets for 2025.

What have you learned? 

Our company has made a significant strides in addressing our recruitment targets but we still have a journey ahead of us. Notably, diversity and inclusion have become increasingly pivotal factors in candidates’ decision-making process and they are often cited as a top reason for choosing to join ASML. We have to ensure that we deliver on what we promise.