About 50 global CEOs and Chairmen of leading European companies in the industrial and technological sectors #EmbraceDifference.

They signed a pledge and committed to create the right environment and conditions for ALL employees to reach their full potential.

Because diversity is not just about gender, race, sexual orientation or disability. It’s about welcoming a full range of talents from across the entire spectrum of society.

Rio Tinto

OUR pledge

Leaders of Europe’s largest companies call for
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    An inclusive culture

    Create an open and inclusive work environment where all individuals’ contributions are valued, their voices are listened to and respected.
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    Inclusive leadership

    Establish diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative at all levels of an organisation visibly led by the “top leadership”, acting as role models.
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    Aspiration and goal setting

    Set and maintain challenging but achievable goals and ambitions within the organisation.
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    Clear responsibility

    Ensure that all managers are responsible for reaching diversity goals and ambitions and that they have appropriate oversight of strategies and initiatives to achieve them.
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    Equal opportunities

    Review people policies, processes and practices, including recruitment, retention, development, remuneration and career planning to foster diversity and avoid any bias.
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    Societal engagement and responsibility

    Contribute to bridging the skills gap by supporting the development of STEM and digital subjects in education. Focus on apprenticeships, dual learning (i.e. combined learning in schools and on the workfloor), and business-education partnerships especially for underrepresented groups.
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Since 2012, ERT has published company-specific targets and figures and good practice on the involvement of women in business.

Targets for Women

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Key initiatives to Promote women

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The European Round Table of Industrialists, or ERT for short, is striving for a strong, open and competitive Europe, with the EU, including its Single Market, as a driver for inclusive growth and sustainable prosperity.

ERT Members are Chief Executives and Chairmen of major multinational companies of European parentage covering a wide range of industrial and technological sectors.

Companies of ERT Members are widely situated across Europe, with combined revenues exceeding €2,250 billion, sustaining around 6.8 million jobs in the region. They invest more than €50 billion annually in R&D, largely in Europe.