MOL Diversity

Embracing Diversity Fosters Creativity and Growth

At MOL we believe that by embracing all forms of diversity in people, we will fully open the potential they can offer with the creativity that comes from different ideas and experiences. Diversity is vital for the transformation of our business and in meeting our vision to be the first choice of customers, employees and investors, as we envisioned in our 2030 strategy.

Unconscious biases influence our decisions and, as part of a three-year framework for our long-term D&I aspirations, we are working to adjust these automatic patterns of thinking to ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviors. Alongside ongoing work for greater Internationalization, the framework includes three target areas: Age, Gender, and Families/Wellbeing.

Our gender diversity program includes such initiatives as a Women Leadership Network, and a scholarship program, ‘Female Engineers MOL ProgramMe’, which supports female students across our core countries. Sara Mujahid, a winner of the scholarship said, “I feel very honored to be part of MOL’s initiative for promoting women’s empowerment through gender diversity. Participation in the program is an amazing chance for girls to be ‘The Energy for Positive Change!’”

Ways we are working towards having one joint commitment to gender diversity during recruitment, selection and promotion processes include:

  • Reviews to ensure inclusive language in job adverts,
  • At least one female candidate is interviewed for 50% of positions,
  • Equal salary for same positions,
  • One female and one male member on each interview panel.

To soften generational differences within our workforce, we take a holistic approach to age. An internal academy educates colleagues about topics of interest. We proactively work within education to attract young talent to the oil industry, as well as recognize the value and experience of older generations, re-employing those who wish to continue working after retirement. Efforts to enhance work-life balance and well-being include health schemes, flexible working solutions and specific focuses on areas such as pre- and post-maternity support.

Since the introduction of the diversity framework in 2017 we have made some excellent progress. We still have work to do, however, and will continue to strive to embed D&I within our working culture until it is simply a natural, sustainable part of how we do business.

Discover more about Diversity and Inclusion at MOL in this video.