DE&I training programmes

What did you want to achieve? 

Since 2007, L’Oréal DE&I training programs aim to increase self-awareness for employees in all functions and metiers and promote inclusion. Employees don’t always know that they have biases and how they can shift their mindset. The DE&I global team develops learning content that can be adapted to local markets to ensure inclusion and a safe space for everyone. In 2018, a cascading roll-out through a train-the-trainer methodology was introduced to enable a wide implementation of DE&I learning programmes within the Group without extra cost for local entities.

What did you do?

Every employee of the Group has access to educational content and specific tools, accessible through in-class or online workshops and e-learning programmes. Adapted content is provided for managers through an ad-hoc inclusive leadership programme.  

In 2023, our DE&I e-learnings library addresses the most common topics in DE&I, aiming at providing either the “essentials” or more advanced skills. These tools and topics offer employees the opportunity to understand:  

  • the concept of unconscious bias and microaggression, so to better prevent them 
  • gender equity and LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workplace 
  • how to identify and fight against sexism and racist behaviors  
  • how to understand and prevent discrimination on physical appearance 
  • the importance of digital accessibility and how to apply it to the content  
  • how to be aware of mental health issues and support people, who might be affected 
  • the importance of intergenerational relations in the workplace, discrimination based on age, and concrete ways that foster generational inclusion at work 
  • domestic violence and its consequences in the workplace 

What are the results so far?

We have developed a set of 10 DE&I capabilities, and we offer self-positioning tools to all employees and managers. In 2023, we share with our employees educational content comprising up to 15 e-learnings, two upskilling workshops on DE&I essentials and more advanced skills and podcast curations. The DE&I Essentials workshop is compulsory for all newcomers in the first 12 months of employment. Our recruiters also have a key role on DE&I and are therefore also trained specifically in line with their practice. End 2022, we started the roll-out of our Inclusive Leadership management training for all our management committees and more than 500 managers have been trained by mid-2023.  

What have you learned? 

DE&I topics depend on the local, societal, and labour context. An online library covering a wide range of topics allows every market to push trainings according to their local needs and challenges. All e-learnings are available in nine languages. Facilitating the roll-out of learning programmes through a train-the-trainer methodology has a very positive effect on their global impact. DE&I subjects are embedded within the existing learning curriculum such as leadership trainings, marketing and, communication and are crucial to cultivating an inclusive and equitable culture where everyone feels valued and can contribute.