EDGE certification

What did you want to achieve? 

At Capgemini, our ambition is to build an inclusive and equitable workplace where all talents, representing society in its richness, can thrive. Engaging in leading external indexes and certifications such as EDGE, Stonewall, and Bloomberg Gender Equality Indexes enables us to gain valuable insights into industry-leading benchmarks. This engagement in external indexes empowers us to identify areas for improvement, enhancing our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We evaluate and align our policies and processes with best practices, aiming for gender parity and inclusive representation. 

What did you do?

We work in parallel on the 3 pillars of the DEI tryptic: 

  • Diversity: Our commitment by 2025: 40% women in the workforce, 30% in executive leadership, 20% representation of underrepresented minorities in the US, and a remarkable 46% increase in disability representation in the past two years. 
  • Equity: We address the entire Talent Value chain, ensuring equal opportunities in recruitment for all talents, implementing a policy of equal promotion rates, and monitoring progress towards achieving equal pay for equal work. 
  • Inclusion: We empower managers with training and resources for unbiased decision-making and foster open conversations within teams to harness diverse perspectives for innovation. We value employee feedback through surveys and active participation in Employee Networks Groups (ENGs). 

Through the comprehensive EDGE certification, including an extensive employee survey, we conducted a global campaign in our nine core countries to collectively advance our company’s diversity and inclusivity. 

What are the results so far?

In 2022, Capgemini achieved the EDGE+ global certification for nine countries, representing 85% of our workforce. This certification not only recognised our achievements but also introduced an ambitious action plan. We monitor progress quarterly through active participation from HR, Ethics, Learning, DPO, business, and management. This collaboration has led to advancements in benefits policies, including improved parental leave in the US, UK, and India.  

We have been listed in prestigious indices such as Bloomberg Gender Equality and Refinitiv D&I (top 100 companies), highlighting our dedication to diversity and inclusion also achieving Silver level in Stonewall index, showcasing our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. 

What have you learned? 

Engaging with diversity and inclusion indexes, Capgemini emphasises measurable objectives and regular evaluation to align initiatives with values. As a Glocal team, we embrace diverse best practices, considering local laws and cultural nuances. Supporting marginalised groups benefits all employees, enhancing well-being and success. By prioritising inclusivity, we create an environment that nurtures diversity, empowers individuals, and fosters collective success.