Leading an Aging Workforce 

What did you want to achieve? 

Nokia’s ambition is to create an inclusive working environment in which everyone feels valued and respected and has an equal opportunity to grow, regardless of their age. When it comes to how we work together in multigenerational teams, it is crucial that we understand and recognize the diverse perspectives, values, experiences of all generations and don’t let our biases hinder us. That’s why we have developed a new eBook called: Leading an aging workforce.

What did you do?

The eBook aims to give a voice to the aging workforce at Nokia and justifies why this topic is important and deserves our special attention. It is written to help both formal and informal people managers, but it also contains useful information for all employees and HR representatives, based on interviews with experienced people, their managers and HR.
The eBook answers many of the burning questions managers have, offering guidelines and tips on topics such as:
• How to recruit, onboard, inspire and develop an aging workforce and provide meaningful growth opportunities to our most experienced employees.
• How to build and lead multi-generational teams across four generations, and utilizing the full potential of every generation.
• What age discrimination looks like based on research – busting biases and myths about an aging workforce.
• The best way to approach the topic of retirement.

What are the results so far?

The eBook was launched in September 2023 with great initial feedback, but we are still in the early stages. The next steps are to ensure that it’s used as a practical playbook for managers.

What have you learned? 

The eBook answers many of the burning questions, which the managers have, such as:
• How to build and lead a multigenerational team?
• How to provide meaningful growth opportunities to experienced employees?
• How to inspire them?
• How to approach the retirement topic?