Smurfit Kappa

In Smurfit Kappa, we promote all forms of diversity at all levels of the Organisation.

At Smurfit Kappa, we know that diversity is the only thing that we have in common. Throughout the last 18 months we have taken a bottom-up approach to inclusion and diversity and been listening closely to our employees.  A series of focus groups with a diverse cross-section of people were held to help us understand what makes a truly inclusive work environment.

Thousands of people’s voices and opinions led to us creating our EveryOne inclusion and diversity programme. EveryOne means all of us; every single person that makes up Smurfit Kappa who has something unique to give and hidden talents to unpack. EveryOne aims to make sure that each of us feels supported, accepted and respected in our daily work.

We believe in celebrating that diversity; our diverse cultures, diverse backgrounds and diverse ways of seeing the world. EveryOne asks that we all respect, support and accept each other; that we challenge our assumptions and keep our minds open every day. We have defined six key behaviours to promote inclusion in our day-to-day interactions with colleagues (pictured left).

Tony Smurfit, Group CEO and 350 managers attended a recent Smurfit Kappa Management Conference in Berlin where they pledged their support for a master plan of actions designed to promote an even more inclusive, respectful and supportive workplace including local workshops and global initiatives.

Discover more about the Smurfit Kappa Inclusion and Diversity journey in this video.