Diversity in science

A diverse and inclusive environment is more important than ever, says Roche’s Chairman

“Diversity goes beyond visible differences. It is much more: It’s also about different ways of thinking, personality types, educational backgrounds, professional knowledge and life experiences. We at Roche are committed to and actively support and encourage a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone feels free to speak his or her mind.

This is more important than ever. Our business environment is facing exciting and disruptive changes through digital technology and scientific breakthroughs. We must continually anticipate, accelerate and adapt – and to do so, we need a diversity of people. I am deeply convinced that diversity fosters innovation, creativity and “out of the box” thinking.

But just having diversity is not enough. We are committed to creating an environment that appreciates each other’s views, an environment of collaboration and mutual trust.

Creating this environment is a shared responsibility – starting at the top – and requires all of us at Roche to work together. If we are successful in doing this, I am sure that we will be able to further drive breakthrough innovation – for patients all around the world.”

Christoph Franz, Chairman of the Roche Group