Frank Teklenburg

Offering equal opportunities to everyone in society – Philips contributes

When you have a disadvantage on the labor market, it isn’t easy to find a job. Philips Netherlands gives people the opportunity to get a year paid work experience, combined with a development program, to help them on their way.  

The experience acquired by the Philips Employment Scheme (WGP) makes people become more attractive to the labor market and makes it easier for them to find a lasting job. Over 12,500 candidates already have participated in this scheme over the past 35 years.

Royal Philips

One of them is Frank Teklenburg. He works as a Communication Officer within the Philips Internal Communications Team. “At first, I was hesitant about the WGP, but now I really see it as a stepping stone. I’m more focused on my career than ever before.”

Frank studied Journalism and worked at a regional broadcaster for a while and as a communications officer. When his contract expired, he fell back on his benefit. Thanks to his job coach, he ended up at Philips.

Right from the start Frank felt he was at the right place. That he is tied to a wheelchair isn’t even an issue. There is a nice atmosphere at his workplace and he is taken seriously. This gives him the opportunity to gain experience within a well-functioning communications department and to discover what suits him best.

Royal Philips

But how can you turn this experience into an upward trend?  “For me it was a real change. You can achieve a lot in a short period of time. I am now much more professional and this experience will give my career a big boost.”

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