From Diversity to Inclusion

At Proximus we believe that a diverse workforce – through employees’ unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics – will help to reach a more diverse marketplace and will create sustainable business. We aim to reflect the diversity of our customers and markets in our workforce. That’s why we have implemented a series of actions to make sure everyone feels supported and part of our company:

  • Our Charter on diversity and equal rights is part of our Code of Conduct and applies to all employees of the Proximus Group.
  • Our inclusion philosophy is integrated in training tracks for a large range of employees, from team leaders to newcomers and from experts to management trainees.
  • With the support of our female CEO and CFO, we ensure a high rate of female representation of 31% at company’s level, a constant rate of 22% in management’s position, 25% in the Executive Committee and 43% in Board of Directors.
  • Our programs for 55+ collaborators allow them to adapt their way of working and to continue investing in their personal development to keep them engaged.
  • Multiple programs have been deployed. Such as Feel Great to work on mental, relational and physical resilience; Talent in Action to identify, develop and share talents; Experience@Work to allow senior employees to share their experience with other organisations while keeping contact with their current employer.
  • Our employees have the opportunity to organise their working schedule by working part-time, buy holidays, teleworking or homeworking, enabling them to better balance their work and private lives.

From Diversity to Inclusion
We are particularly conscious about the importance of diversity at all levels of the organisation. That’s why we try as much as possible to put in place well-balanced mixed teams. By doing so, our company reinforces its capacity for innovation and fosters its learning culture, the satisfaction of its employees and their creativity towards the future challenges of a digital world.