Mentoring at TotalEnergies : a powerful lever for diversity and inclusion strategy

Among all initiatives promoting Diversity and Inclusion at TotalEnergies, mentoring, a voluntary practice, is a key one dispatched all over the Group. It is based on sharing experience and helping others reaching their potential or acquiring new know-how in their current or future responsibilities. The relationship between mentors and mentees is based on mutual respect, an opened mindset and trust. Clear objectives and deadlines are set between the two. Usually, mentors and mentees belong to different entities, which reinforce the objectivity of the discussions.

TotalEnergies has put in place three types of mentoring: mentoring of women, mentoring of non-French, and the “reverse-mentoring”.

Mentoring of women

Promoting gender equality is one the main objectives of TotalEnergies’s Diversity policy. Mentoring aims to help women better prepare the key phases of their professional and private life.
Since 2004, through the TWICE* network, a yearly campaign is launched. Mentors can be male or female.

More than 1000 mentors/mentees pairs for TWICE Mentoring programs since 2009.

Mentee: “The mentoring taught me the importance of developing my network and allowed me to better know how to manage my career as a women in the future”.

Mentoring of non-French employees

Promoting non-French employees towards management and top management positions is also part of the objectives of TotalEnergies’s Diversity policy. Mentoring aims to accelerate their integration in a new role in a new environment (usually out of their home country).

Between 2012 and 2016, 106 non-French employees attended the programme in Marketing & Services headquarters in France.

Reverse mentoring

Digital technology is shaking up traditions, bringing together two generations, but not in the usual way. One reason is that the young mentors aren’t necessarily digital professionals. They’re something better: people who live and breathe digital on a daily basis. iPhones, hashtags and more are second nature for these mentors recruited from across TotalEnergies. Mentees are Top Executives. This initiative started in 2014 and the feedback from both generations is very positive.

“If we take the time to put in the effort, it saves time later. We see how much our mentor takes digital for granted and in so doing, we understand our younger employees’ digital mindset,” says a Top Executive. Marion confirms the “importance of sharing practices that are constantly being reinvented by millennials.”

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*TWICE: TotalEnergies Women’s Initiative for Communication and Exchange