Building a good place to work


Employees’ growth, personal development and engagement are central to the company’s performance, making them a core TotalEnergies focus.

What did you want to achieve?

In 2019 TotalEnergies launched the ‘ONE TOTAL, BETTER TOGETHER’ ambition, which aims to attract and develop talent all over the world; promote a management style that can make the most of the knowledge and expertise and pass on TotalEnergies values; and make TotalEnergies a good place to work together.

What did you do?

We defined three primary ambitions:

  • Developing talent: 400 talented developers provide employees with individualised support and career coaching. A transparent job posting system to offer everyone the chance to apply for a new position. Individual career reviews and training.
  • Promoting the manager-coach: The responsible manager who provides feedback and supports to each of his/her team members. A career-long coaching and management training path throughout the career.
  • Building a good place to work: Initiatives and resources so every team can create a safe, modern, pleasant and user-friendly workplace. Personal services to make life easier for employees. Wider use of flexible hours and telework to maintain a good work-life balance.

What are the results so far?

The results of a survey tell us that in 2019 Better Together truly ushered in a wave of change.

Thanks to this initiative, Management Committees around the world have identified tangible actions that they want to implement and share with their teams. We have already fixed managerial targets and published offers on our job posting system.

What have you learned?

ONE TOTAL, BETTER TOGETHER is considered TotalEnergies’s human ambition and is supported by all the teams – not only HR. This is the key to success.

We learned that we should involve all managers at all levels of the company in the implementation process, along with fully involving employees. To get their feedback and identify their needs, we organised workshops before launching the project globally.