Leveraging our exceptional knowledge and skills capital


Internal skills are an asset of extraordinary value for Eni. The best holders of the know-how relevant to the business are often the people who work for us and who devote themselves to their work with passion.

The exceptional capital of internal knowledge and skills requires an attentive eye to recognise its value, commitment to maintaining it and an ability to convey it. Based on the principle that in-house competences are an asset of extraordinary value for Eni, in-house trainers have always been present in our company.

What did you want to achieve?

We created the Eni Faculty to leverage this heritage and convey it to colleagues through engendering inclusion and integration, onboarding new employees and recognising the people with strategic know-how. Through the Eni Faculty, our company formally identifies, trains and supports colleagues who become an integral part of the process of transferring professional knowledge, expertise and skills.

What did you do?

Since 2016, HR has supported line managers and professional areas in identifying the Eni people that teach internally and have the characteristics needed to become a trainer: professional knowhow, soft skills, teaching abilities and motivation. These teachers retain their roles in the business, continuously updating their know-how in their professional area.The faculty identifies and includes both ‘Active’ and ‘Future’ trainers. ‘Active trainers’ are expert teachers, highly motivated and with a specific teacher training. Future trainers are soon-to-be teachers with less experience in training. For both, the company has developed courses, services and tools to ensure their know-how is always updated and to enhance and develop their capacity to pass on their knowledge to other colleagues.

What have you learned?

The generosity, passion and professionalism characterised by our in-house trainers are critical success factors. Together they allow Eni to enhance and convey not only the capital of knowledge and skills but also our values and our strategy.

We have learned that by telling the story of our company, our values and our strategy, our trainers promote a common language, developing connections and synergies.

What are the results so far?

In 2019, around 800 active trainers delivered 527,000 hours of training. The continual interaction between trainers and learners, with their different points of view – various levels of seniority, different generations, various professions, diverse cultures – translates the work done by our trainers into essential leverage for inclusion and integration.