What did you want to achieve? 

We firmly believe that a diversity of talents greatly benefits our company. It serves as a catalyst for a positive work environment and boosts performance for both the company and its stakeholders. Recognising the value of neurodiversity in enhancing teams and the organisation as a whole, we made a decision in April 2021 to establish the Neuroteam program.  

The Neuroteam program, initiated by the Group, aims to leverage cognitive diversity for enhanced workplace performance and well-being. Sponsored by our CSR and HR functions, Neuroteam facilitates collaboration within teams, to combat biases and stereotypes surrounding both neurotypical and atypical individuals. It also focuses on recruiting new talent and reimagining innovation. This multidisciplinary program has an international scope and brings together dedicated employees from various branches of the Group, including members of the neurodivergent community and representatives of all business functions. Led by the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Department, the goal is to adjust work methods, share experiences and update our policies to booster the recruitment, onboarding and retention of neurodiverse employees. 

What did you do?

At the end of 2022, we organised a conference on this subject featuring insights from experts, as well as testimonials from managers and employees. In 2023, an inaugural workshop took place with representatives from the Innovation Division, delving into the realm of cognitive inclusivity. Additionally, we developed a guide and e-learning materials in both French and English to raise awareness among employees, managers and HR personnel concerning the positive impact of neurodiversity in the workplace. 

What are the results so far?

We have provided training for recruiters to incorporate cognitive diversity into our recruitment procedures, commencing with internship campaigns. In April 2023, our B2B Division actively engaged in Neurodiversity Celebration Month across various countries worldwide through a global social media campaign, generating over 200 posts, 120K impressions and eliciting 250 comments. Currently, almost 700 employees have completed the e-learning module on Neurodiversity in the workplace. 

What have you learned? 

We believe in the potential of partnerships to bring about positive change and as such, we are active members of various international coalitions. These include the International Labour Organisation, the SAP Autism Pledge, GSMA, The Valuable500 and in 2023, Orange took a leading role in co-chairing the Neurodiversity sub-group of the ERT Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce. Additionally, we are a founding member of Neurodiversity in Business created in the UK.